I use OmniFocus to capture and organize my tasks and Basecamp as communication platform. They are great and help me keeping my inbox empty. But I really missed a link between them. It would be great if some of my OmniFocus tasks would automatically appear inside my Basecamp account and vice versa.

OmniFocus' online synchronization feature gave me a broad hint to build a web application that connects these two worlds. You neither have to run a computer nor to install anything. If you, for example, update a task on your iPhone, it flows directly into your Basecamp account and your Mac's OmniFocus database. Simple like that

Spootnik now also provides a web front-end for OmniFocus. I created it because I was missing my collection bucket many times sitting in front of a Windows computer at the office or a Mac/PC at my friends place. It's not Basecamp, it's still the personal collection bucket invented for your eyes only. But there's nothing to install or keep in sync. All you need is a web browser.

If you like you can join me on twitter.com/steiger, subscribe to the product update feed or send me emails to lars (at) spootnik.net.

If you're member of the press and need materials don't hesitate to contact me or have a look at Spootnik's press kit.

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